In this issue of the Automotive Refinisher, I want to focus on some terminology with regards to qualifications in the Automotive Body Repair Industry.

Q: What is the QCTO and what is their mandate?
A: The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) was established in terms of the Skill Development Act (Act no. 97 of 1998) and given the mandate to quality assure occupational qualifications.

Q: What is the difference between an Occupational qualification and a Trade?
A: An Occupational qualification is a qualification associated with a trade, occupation of profession resulting from work-based
learning (e.g. Occupational Certificate:Vehicle Damage Quantifier).
A Trade requires that the person (artisan) is certified as competent in accordance with relevant legislation (e.g. Occupational Certificate: Vehicle Painter (Automobile and Marine painter).

Q: What is EISA?
A: The External Integrated Summative Assessment (EISA) is an. integral and critical component of the QCTO’s quality assurance system. It is a single National Assessment System leading to the awarding of an Occupational Certificate. Nationally standardised assessment instruments are developed and administered by a QCTO approved Assessment Quality Partner (AQP: for the VDQ qualification Merseta). For a Trade it is commonly known as a Trade Test (AQP: NAMB).

Q: How do I qualify for entry to EISA?
A: You need to prove completion of all required knowledge, practical and work experience modules stipulated in the qualification. The Statement of Results (SOR) issued by an accredited Skills Development Provider, serves as proof that you have satisfied all the requirements to be admitted to sit for EISA.

Q: What is accreditation?
A: Accreditation is the certification by the QCTO, for a practical period, or a body or institution as having the capacity to fulfil a particular function in the quality assurance system.

Q: Where can I check if a Skills Development Provider is accredited?
A: lnformation on the accreditation status of Skills Development Providers is available from the QCTO. Visit www.qcto.org.za or phone O 12 003 I 800.

Q: How do I get admission to EISA through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
A: You have to apply for RPL with an accredited Skills Development Provider. The training provider will conduct an assessment and
provide gap closure training, should any skills gaps be identified. Once
you have satisfied the requirements for the p r e s c r i b e d
curriculum knowledge, practical and work experience modules, a Statement Of Results will be compiled stating you are ready for the

Q: What is the process further?
A: The Statement Of Results accompanies your application for the EISA to the AQP (Merseta), which will provide you with a registration number allocate an Occupational Assessment Centre (OAC) and indicate the date for EISA.

Q: How many attempts do I get for EISA?
A: Three attempts although the QAS determines the final recognition of competency.

Q: What is the further role of the QCTO?
A: Monitoring assessments to ensure credibility.Verification and approving the results of the EISA, and issuing the qualification.