How Weather Conditions Affect Your Car

South Africa’s diverse climate can be both a blessing and a challenge for car owners. From the scorching heat of summer to the heavy rains and occasional hail storms, your vehicle faces a range of weather conditions that can impact its performance and appearance. Recognising the significance of routine car service, auto repair and the finesse of skilled panelbeaters, De Jonghs Panelbeating Centre stands committed to safeguarding your vehicle against these climatic elements. In this blog, we’ll explore the effects of different weather conditions on cars and provide practical tips to prevent weather-related damage.

Harsh sun and heat

South Africa is no stranger to blistering heat, and your car’s exterior bears the brunt of the relentless sun. Prolonged exposure can lead to faded paint, damaged clear coats, and even cracks in rubber components like tires.

Preventive measures:

  • Regularly wax your car to create a protective barrier against UV rays.
  • Park in shaded areas to reduce sun exposure.
  • Invest in quality car covers to shield your vehicle from direct sunlight.
  • Ensure swift and high-quality auto repair for any paint or exterior damage.

Heavy rain and humidity

While rain is essential for the environment, it can pose challenges for your car. Excessive moisture can lead to rust and corrosion, especially on metal parts. Humidity, coupled with rain, can also contribute to mould growth and electrical malfunctions.

Preventive measures

  • Apply rust inhibitors to susceptible areas and keep them clean.
  • Regularly check and replace weatherstripping to prevent water seepage.
  • Ensure proper drainage by cleaning gutters and channels to prevent water build-up.
  • Schedule auto repairs promptly to address any electrical issues.

Storms and hail

Storms and hail can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior. Hail, in particular, can dent and chip the paint, leaving your vehicle vulnerable to further deterioration.

Preventive measures:

  • Park your car in a garage or under a covered area during severe weather forecasts.
  • Invest in a hail cover for protection during hailstorms.
  • Conduct a thorough inspection for dents and scratches after storms and address them promptly with professional panelbeaters.

Hot roads and tire wear

South Africa’s roads can get scorching hot, impacting both your tires and overall driving experience. The intense heat can accelerate tire wear and reduce their lifespan.

Preventive measures

  • Include tire checks in your routine car service to maintain optimal pressure – this can help prevent overheating and uneven wear.
  • Park in shaded areas or use car shades to protect tires from direct sunlight.
  • Rotate and balance your tires regularly to ensure even wear and longevity.

Engine strain in high temperatures

High temperatures can take a toll on your car’s engine. The heat can lead to oil thinning, making it less effective in lubricating engine parts, and it can also cause overheating issues.

Preventive measures

· Use the recommended oil viscosity for hot climates.

· Ensure your cooling system is in optimal condition with regular car service checks and maintenance.

· Avoid prolonged idling in extreme heat to prevent overheating.

As a responsible car owner, being aware of the effects of different weather conditions is crucial. By following these practical tips and incorporating routine car service and auto repair check-ups, you can ensure that your vehicle not only weathers the elements but continues to shine on the roads. At De Jonghs Panelbeating Centre, we stand ready to assist with any weather-related damages, ensuring your car is always in top-notch condition.